BRAINSTORM by Zlatko Cosic

is a self-reflexive video created for the exhibition Dreamscapes at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. In Brainstorm, the filmmaker's sleep is disturbed as his dreams are bombarded by visuals from his previous work.


:: camera by Rachel Cosic
:: animation, sound and editing by Zlatko Cosic


:: The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts,
Dream Sequences, in conjunction with the exhibition Dreamscapes
Award: Honorable Mention
, June 24, 2011
:: Banja Luka College, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 24, 2011
:: St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, August 15, 2011
:: SOHA Gallery, St. Louis, August 17-24, 2011
:: St. Louis International Film Festival, November 16, 2011
:: Dimanche Rouge, Experimental Performances, presented on Souvenirs From Earth, TV Station for Video Art, Film, Visual Art, Music, Installations and Performances, France and Germany, January 2014

Copyright © ZLATKO ĆOSIĆ