Elans by Zlatko Cosic
Elans by Zlatko Ćosić

Abstract explorations of water and light.

Water and light as essential elements of life impact the human psyche. Individual streams of light reflecting upon water produce an energy flow structured in new dimensions. Illuminated realizations of the simplicity found in the frame and spaces in which daily life takes place evoke the impulse of life, élan vital.

:: camera and editing: Zlatko Ćosić
:: production assistant: Rachel Ćosić

Elans is created for Cinema St. Louis' In the Still Epiphany Shorts
at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
, in conjuction with the exhibit
In the Still Epiphany curated by Gedi Sibony

:: Interview about Elans for the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

t's like a rainbow that falls in love with the body of water into which it has been thrown.  Dennis Fleming, writer

Elans (2:00)   [VIDEO]


:: The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts,
In the Still Epiphany Shorts,
in conjunction with Cinema St. Louis and the Pulitzer's exhibition
In the Still Epiphany
, Friday, September 21, 2012, 8pm
Award: The Winner
of the Pulitzer competition
:: St. Louis International Film Festival, November 8-18, 2012
:: SOHA Gallery, video and digital prints, December 1, 2012 - January 5, 2013
:: Digital Graffiti Festival, Alys Beach, Florida, 2014 Finalist, June 7, 2014 #DGfromHome - [VIDEO] & [PHOTOS]
:: ArtBeat 2015, Inside-Out Gallery, Somerville Arts Council, Somerville, Massachusetts, July 17-18, 2015
Off the Screen!, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Momentum, a selection of video art by Zlatko Ćosić, Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 25, 2020
:: Peace Letters to Ukraine, international video art in solidarity with Ukraine, Alphabet Art Centre, The New Museum of Networked Art, March 6 - May 31, 2022

Elans by Zlatko Cosic
Elans by Zlatko Cosic
Elans by Zlatko Cosic
Elans by Zlatko Cosic

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