LIVE ONLINE PERFORMANCE / Experimental Documentary - Sarajevo: City Symphony

live audio visual performance/experimental documentary, 33 min., 2012

Sarajevo: City Symphony is an audio visual performance and experimental documentary inspired by the City of Sarajevo and its people who lived and who live in this amazing historical place. The music is a recording by John Consiglio, Christopher Ottinger and Zlatko Ćosić. Ćosić used new visuals from Sarajevo while doing live video mix.

Sarajevo: City Symphony (33:00)   [VIDEO]

"The mix of B&W and color and especially the sound do a great job of evoking the history. I had goose bumps while viewing some parts of it. Maybe because of some of my life experiencing in Vietnam during the war, I could well relate to historical aspects of your work. I would like to know more fully what went through your mind when you made the video and how you decided where to shoot and how to shoot the footage. I certainly like the diagonal tower, the intermingling of B&W and color scenes, and the ghost-like figures. The fact that they move backward could be explained by the fact that the video is a visit to history. The birds at the beginning and ending nicely connect the whole piece as well as the past and present together. Great job! I enjoyed this piece a lot."     Hoa Le

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