Sam Clemens Remix
A Sam Clemens Remix was a live - largely improvisational - thirty minute remix multimedia concert. The concert opened the 2007 National Media Education Conference (NMEC) on June 23, 2007. NMEC was sponsored by the Alliance for a Media Literate America The venue was St. Louis Missouri and was produced by Paul Guzzardo.

The artists previously worked together on "The Secretbaker Cycle" of multimedia productions In Secretbaker we used digital tools and toys to navigate through information environments; thousands of pages of FBI files. In "A Sam Clemens Remix" we grabbed on to three of Samuel Clemens' texts; "Life on the Mississippi", "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "A Tramp Abroad". In the concert we explored how the texts and associated archival imagery might be used to fashion new narrative and myth building platforms.

Hemingway said Huckleberry Finn gave birth to the American novel. We're not novelists and don't intend to write novels, but we think Sam Clemens gave us the gear we need to plot a course just like he did Huckleberry Finn and his raft-mate Jim.


Paul Guzzardo, Designer and Writer
Leon Lamont, Digital Disc Jockey and Composer
Zlatko Cosic, Digital Video Jockey and Multimedia Artist
Cora Lowry
, Musician and Dancer
Amin Hinds, Musician and Videographer
Kathy Corley, Filmmaker


:: We Passed St. Louis
:: All Right Then I'll Go To Hell
:: Pretend To Read It As A Book
:: I Took His Name
:: Hemp and Potatoes

:: (all five clips + more)
Sam Clemens Remix
Sam Clemens Remix
Sam Clemens Remix

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