TEMPORARY GRAFFITI: Berlin, Zlatko Ćosić, 2010, video, 4:00

Temporary Graffiti is a video installation about leaving a momentary trace, being a witness to present issues and taking a step toward positive changes. A reflective light touches various surfaces of Berlin’s architecture, a city which suffered enormously in the past one hundred years. The buildings are “witnesses” to the horrible history that affected the city and its people. While touching the facades, the light suggests universal compassion to people disturbed by today’s social and political issues. Temporary Graffiti reminds the viewer of Europe’s historical turmoil, injustice that is still occurring throughout the world, and the greed and power struggles that can lead to new atrocities.



:: Out of Place,
Kulturprojekte Berlin, Germany, July 2010
:: God and Gaia Exhibition, St. Louis, April 8, 2011
:: Atelje 26, Students' City Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia, June 22-24, 2011
:: Banja Luka College, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 24, 2011
:: SOHA Gallery, St. Louis, August 17-24, 2011

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