When Can I See You, Syna So Pro & Zlatko Ćosić, 2021, music video, 6:40

From the longing of wanting to see a loved one. Friend. Family. Lover. Time is perceived to move differently. Emotions twist and turn as you attempt to master the magnetism that pulls at your heart, draws you to move, tugs on your soul. A few seconds feels like a few days, yet you blink and in awe of the beauty of time, for last Spring has suddenly become this Spring. Your energy shifts focus as thousands of twisting pods dance to the story of your neglected heart. "Have I never noticed", you ask yourself, as you're comforted by the elegant artistry of nature. For in that moment you've realized all of your loved ones are watching and feeling it too. Eternally connected yet temporarily separated. When Can I See You? Time will tell.

"When Can I See You" is a track composed and performed by Syna So Pro (Syrhea Conaway) and was influenced by Paul Mpagi Sepuya's "deconstructed gaze" exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum, May 17th - Aug 18th, 2019. The beautiful video, created by Zlatko Ćosić, seamlessly creates visuals that thoroughly captures the emotions, story and feeling from the audio composition. In this collaborative process of creation, Ćosić's use of Samara Whirlers represents the endless pattern of time and cycles of life. As seasons and environments change, we are reminded that everything we experience is temporary. As the pods twirl, and swirl in their descent, we know a new beginning approaches when the seeds take root.

Abum artwork by Von Muren. Mastered by Matthew Styles-Harris, Horizontal Studios, Barcelona, Spain.


Video by Zlatko Ćosić
Music by Syna So Pro
Production assistant: Rachel Ćosić
Cinematography and editing: Zlatko Ćosić

Special thanks to: Syrhea Conaway, FPE Records, Horizontal Studios, Barcelona, and Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis


:: The Royale, performance by Syna So Pro with videos by Zlatko Ćosić, St. Louis, June 10, 2021
:: Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival, Calm & Punk Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, June 25-27, 2021
:: St. Louis on Air, Public Media Commons, St. Louis, July 30, 2021

Copyright © ZLATKO ĆOSIĆ